The video of Wahl resigning on air.

The video of Wahl resigning on air.

The Daily Beast snatched up the exclusive interview with Liz Wahl, the RT anchor who quit on air.


Wahl finished her scripted 5 p.m. news, but then deviated from the prompter and proceeded to explain to the world that RT “whitewashes the actions of Putin.”


The Daily Beast decided to take a first person perspective in the story. The writer, James Kirchick, is apparently acquainted with Wahl and had heard that she was struggling with the network before. Wahl claimed that the Kremlin everyday indirectly influenced the network.


The Daily Beast embedded the video of Wahl quitting on air. This little piece of multimedia definitely steals the show, considering we get to see Wahl’s passionate speech and her announcement of resignation. A large picture at the top of the page depicts Wahl’s face during her final newscast.


The article made great use of links. The issue in Ukraine has many angles and stories, making it easy to insert links to other Daily Beast articles whenever possible. Only one small side box adds to the page. It’s a filled in black box with white text, making an important quote by Wahl stand out.


As per usual, the article scrolls right into the next popular Daily Beast article.


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